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What is ClickMeter Tracking?


ClickMeter is one of the popularly known and reliable online conversion tracking tools that could do a lot for you. If you belong to the internet marketing industry then event tracking tools or conversion tracking tools would a big factor in your success.

You don’t need to download anything since ClickMeter is a web-based URL event tracking tool that lets you track, manage, and monitor your online events and also the status of all activities related to your URL!  Aside from no downloading needed, there’s also no need to install any software in other to use any of the services within the Clickmeter’s tool.

One of its useful features is Clickmeter’s efficiency to track the campaign links that you’ve distributed online. And, it’s very difficult to track links (URL) across the internet but with ClickMeter it’s what they do best. Let all the clicks matter and be known easily by you!

What is a tracking link?

A tracking link is used to measure how your marketing campaigns, channels, and activities are all doing. You should always use a tracking link when you are directing traffic to your website from any outside channel, like email, social media, PPC campaigns, banner ads, and sponsored posts.

How easy is it to have a tracking link at ClickMeter?

You can create your tracking link in seconds!

All you need to do is create a tracking link, use it in your ads and then you can start real-time reports.

Just log into your ClickMeter dashboard and click on the blue Create new button. A drop-down would appear next and then select a tracking link. Fill in the destination URL. A destination URL is an original URL you want to redirect traffic to and to collect tracking data from.

How does click tracking work?

Click tracking works by overwriting the link in the body of a message to go through your portal before redirecting a user to their final destination. If you paste a link we would be able to transform that into another unique link.

What can you track with ClickMeter?

ClickMeter serves multi-million companies like PayPal, USPS, AT&T, and Amazon. ClickMeter is Amazon’s link tracking tool for effective link management in their site.

The dashboard at ClickMeter is user-friendly, reliable and the graphic interface is simple and straightforward. The dashboard is accurate with a more detailed analytic feature and better than their known competitors.

You can eradicate unreliable and questionable links and focus on very important links that would play a significant role in boosting your website's online presence.

ClickMeter delivers emails on autopilot and provides 2.0 generated content. It would also conveniently help you to run affiliate programs that would recommend services and products to your mailing list to have more revenue.

Here’s what ClickMeter could track:

  • Website links event tracking
  • PPC campaigns event tracking
  • Sales page events tracking
  • Email links event tracking
  • Social media event tracking such as Facebook page and Twitter
  • Tracking of advertising campaigns regardless of the type or format or platform of the Ads.

ClickMeter is great tracking multiple conversions, custom parameters, commission amount, product IDs, and conversion value. You could also create a filter for your conversion tracking strategy such as free and paid subscriptions, sales and leads, and so on.

There is a tool that would that converts the destination URL, the original link, into a tracking link. You can utilize this tracking link wherever you want in social media platform links and e-mails. Redirection happens very fast which unable to the user to notice at all.

Each time a tracking link is clicked by a user, it is redirected to the original page. During this redirect, ClickMeter gathers vital data such as the source from where the visitor came from, the location of the visitor, browser, platform, unique click or not, language, and mobile detection. These details would be shown to you in real-time through reports, which is something that many other popular tracking tools do not offer.

Here are other detailed tracking areas that could be done by ClickMeter.

  • You can easily track your Affiliate links
  • You can track your online Classified Ads
  • You can easily track your online campaign conversions
  • ClickMeter lets you track your Solo Ads easily
  • You can easily cloak your links with Clickmeter
  • With Clickmeter; you have the option of using the Links rotator. This is very helpful for A/B split testing of all your marketing campaigns.

After Thoughts

ClickMeter would be your best provider of accurate and real-time link monitoring management. Their dashboard is simple and the graphic interface is user-friendly that would be perfect for amateurs and professional marketers who want to track reliable website links.

You could never go wrong with ClickMeter for all your online conversion tracking tools like PayPal, USPS, AT&T, and Amazon. All these business giants chose ClickMeter.

You have to find it out yourself why they all did.

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Copyright © SoftwareManagementTools 2021. All Rights Reserved.
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