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Advantages and Disadvantages of Freshbooks


In all businesses, it’s very important to have accessible, accurate, and precise financial records. It would be a business in disarray and no direction if there’s a lack of a solid and good accounting to back it up.

Organized financial records would give you the edge to get business loans such as term loans, lines of credit, cash flow loans, or business credit cards.

FreshBooks, created in 2003, is a cloud-based accounting program used by millions of small business owners around the world. Many business owners use FreshBooks accounting software to rely on to be able to manage to invoice, recurring billing, accounting, and even payroll.

It’s one of the trusted online accounting solutions and invoicing software to help you keep track of your cash flow, track expenses, create expense reports, take online payment for goods or services more efficiently in your business.

The cloud accounting platform has a long list of useful features that makes it a favorite of many small to mid-sized businesses.

Although it’s used by many small business owners, FreshBooks seems to have a special universal appeal where freelancers, sole proprietors, and project-oriented businesses are inclined to avail and use it.

What are the advantages of using Freshbooks?

  • Good accounting software
  • Ease of invoice creation
  • Ease of invoice status tracking
  • You could charge the client for a digital transfer fee easily by choosing that item form a drop-down menu and it would automatically fill in the rate that you used in the past
  • The template would allow you to keep your branding cohesive and professional
  • You can add your logo and pick a theme color so that it would go with your brand. There are two different template layouts to choose from.
  • You can use automatic expense importing would make adding your billable items to invoices easily
  • It comes with a super intuitive interface for the ease of  your actions
  • Integrations with other web services like Gusto help the handoff of tracking of payroll is made possible
  • Being a hosted platform, it is simple to share links for reference to your tax service people for access to any of your numbers.
  • Its reporting is great as it can break down the P&L and compiling deductions during tax time
  • Offers several features such as online payment gateway and cloud-based invoicing
  • It has robust reporting functionalities that enable users to make informed decisions beforehand
  • It always allow you to transfer your timesheet data to invoice and receive payments quickly.

What are the disadvantages of using Freshbooks?

  • It could a bit expensive for you if you won’t maximize and use all its available features
  • Freshbooks could sometimes miscategorize items when you automatically import them
  • Their mobile app is good but does not work well for some features
  • Editing different rates for services on continuous invoices can sometimes be complicated
  • The system doesn't keep an automatic enumeration for all your invoices, so it is necessary to keep it manually in this area

After Thoughts

FreshBooks is suitable for all businesses around the world. Its system would allow you to have only one database to give support and send work and invoices with the same language.

This accounting software is well suited in every situation since it’s a simplified automated accounting needed for your business that’s very easy to access, integrate, and be sync with my other systems.

It’s reasonably priced and it saves of a lot of hours and days but you’re stil on tiop of your ballgame anytime including during the tax season. Keep your business financial side intact and organized with Freshbooks.

Why fuss over a lot of things in the accounting side of your business when there is a perfect accounting software tool like Freshbooks.

With Freshbooks, you get to succeed in business and have all the time to smell the flowers and enjoy too!

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