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FreshBooks for Non-Profit


FreshBooks is designed for small businesses and freelancers but it could be used for non-profit organizations too. It has the functions that are suited to keep a non-profit entity’s financial management in order.

The form builder tool in FreshBooks would allow NGO’s to create invoices customized for their needs. You can also create customized thank you emails for donors with these tools, making it easy to maintain relations with your donors everywhere.

FreshBooks is a cloud-based online accounting software solution that would provide your company or any non-profit organization with a host of features.

FreshBooks would be able to give you everything you need to manage and keep track of your small business transactions or NGO. No accounting experience necessary, no math is even required.

You can invite team members to collaborate on projects, enter their hours, and log expenses.

The FreshBooks’ dashboard will give you a snapshot of your company’s income and expenses. And for an NGO to keep track of donations and expenses, and beneficiaries of help.

And financial statements are instant with just one click and FreshBooks will generate your company’s or NGO’S general ledger or all of the other reports.

Let us show you why the best accounting software for non-profit organizations is FreshBooks.

With FreshBooks, all these features are available to make any non-profit organization have a seamless accounting system.

Invoicing Software and Time and Expense Tracking for NGO

Invoicing is very simple; choose a template, enter the details, add your logo and you’re good to go! FreshBooks will calculate the tax and send it via email to the person it’s intended for you.

With expenses, you can log each receipt through FreshBooks’ supplied list of categories, or create your own. You can also mark an expense as billable to a client or person, and then automatically have that information added to an invoice.

Expense Reports

See how much money you’re spending on your NGO, and where you’re spending it. Just click on “expense report” to see all your costs, grouped by categories.


Is a payment overdue, but it passed your attention? FreshBooks will send polite late payment reminders to your clients or people it’s for. You’ll get a notification too in your dashboard.

Late Payments Fees

You’ll have your choice to charge a flat fee for late payment, or a percentage of the amount you’re owed. You decide in advance when to charge it, FreshBooks does the calculation and applies the amount for you.

Recurring Profiles

Have a lot of repeat clients or people or other organizations you deal with?  You can set your account up so that FreshBooks automatically generates and sends invoices to these customers and entities thus making it time-saving for everyone.

Accounting App for NGO That Offers Secure Online Payments

FreshBooks offers secure online payments through credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express likewise payment services like Stripe and Apple Pay. You can also set up a billing schedule so that a client’s credit card is charged regularly. Taking advantage of these services means you can get 3 to 5 times paid faster.

FreshBooks is the ideal Accounting Software for Your NGO

There are invoice templates, proposals or estimate ready forms, and it’s very easy to generate a report/ reports of your choice.

FreshBooks is available online for both PCs and Macs, as well as through our mobile app on Google Play or iTunes. The FreshBooks’ desktop accounting software will sync automatically with the app, so you can access your small business finances or NGO status from anywhere in the world. They offer several different accounting packages to choose from, with competitive pricing.

Their easy-to-use interface makes it easy for you to track and manage expenses and fundraising campaigns. Freshbooks is a fantastic helpful software solution for nonprofits that could save and minimize their budget and tracking internal operations. They offer time-tracking and management tools to make sure your team is on the same wavelength.

With Freshbooks, your employees or volunteers can click a timer when they start working on a project and stop it once they’re finished. This gives you an accurate input on the amount of time it takes to complete projects and tracks productivity very well too.

Freshbooks’ project management tools would allow your organization to assign tasks to individual employees or volunteers and to be able to manage their time productively and wisely.

Best Pricing for any NGO

Freshbooks offers a tiered pricing system with a nonprofit discount. The nonprofit discount allows nonprofits to pay the price of the tier beneath their chosen solution. For instance, their Lite plan is $15/month and the PLUS plan is $25/month. As a nonprofit, you can pay $15 for the plus plan.

After Thoughts

Any non-profit organization deserves FreshBooks to have easy financial management with double-entry accounting.

With your dedication and drive to help a lot of people, it’s just right to make it a breeze for you when it comes to accounting.

FreshBooks integrates with lots of apps you already use and some new ones you’ll be glad to have to make you be of service more to your humanitarian beneficiaries.

Use the industry-leading app in accounting, FreshBooks, and let it handle your financials efficiently and seamlessly.

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Copyright © SoftwareManagementTools 2021. All Rights Reserved.
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