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Other Software like FreshBooks


FreshBooks is the number 1 In Accounting Software with up to 99% user satisfaction. It offers a range of useful functions for both individuals and small and medium-sized businesses.

A cloud-based finance and accounting software that has superb functionality, best customer support, and other helpful add-ons and features. It’s being used by over 24 million happy clients and currently used by a million companies to streamline customer billing and time tracking.

A lot of freelancers also use it to have a faster turn-around of their sales and collection and to give their documents a distinct branding that’s very professional.

What are the distinguishing features of FreshBooks?

  • It continues to improve its features regularly like no other and it offers advanced features
  • It takes care of automation of maintenance and upgrades
  • You can avail mobile support by using add-ons for Android and iOS devices
  • Users can save billing time and get fast payments 3 to 5 times earlier
  • The features are simple and easily customizable
  • The app offers top-class invoice-to-payment features
  • You can track expenses using handy snaps
  • It has excellent reporting functionality to generate insightful reports
  • It takes pride being a quality software
  • FreshBooks is one of the early if not the first to be a cloud-based application.

Let’s try to compare it with other accounting applications it somehow resembles functions and features. It’s Freshbooks who’s leading the pack, let’s see if the other software solutions would even come close or equal, or maybe surpass?

Freshbooks vs Zoho


Zoho is one of the accounting and online invoicing software tools that’s ideal for small and medium business owners, sole proprietors, and other users as well.

Zoho invoicing would let you manage, create, send, and monitor invoices in one place. It enables the features of multicurrency and multilingual support alongside customized invoices. It’s also a well-designed system that would allow you to create forms and generates invoices, adjust settings, setup taxes and tax groups, upload templates and logos, personalize email users, and more. It could also be adjusted to the type and needs of your business.

While Zoho offers lower plans, FreshBooks is the better value. FreshBooks offers promos like50% off all plans for 6 months and lots of discounts so, at the end of the day, it’s more economical.

FreshBooks features have a more extensive range and capabilities that would allow you to do more complex tracking and accounting than Zoho offers. There's also the inability to integrate with Zoho Inventory.

FreshBooks is also both intuitive and complex, allowing you to scale over time and do any financial tracking, recording, or all the organizing you’ll ever need.

FreshBooks wins over Zoho in the rating game from the clients.

Where to buy:

Freshbooks vs QuickBooks


QuickBooks is an accounting and bookkeeping option available for every business needs. Quickbooks online runs on Windows or Mac operating system to control the user’s outlook.

It provides business trends reports, organize everything in one place from creating invoices, email invoice, monitor and track the receivables, send payment reminders and payment receipts online, creates recurring invoices, and more.

On FreshBooks vs. QuickBooks, FreshBooks stands out in terms of their time tracking and invoicing tools, pricing, and simplicity. FreshBooks also stands out compared to QuickBooks Online in pricing.

Most FreshBooks and QuickBooks plans are priced similarly but FreshBooks is available at a lower price point with their most expensive plan, Premium, priced only at $50 per month versus the $150 per month for QuickBooks Online Advanced.

To add, FreshBooks offers a discount for those who choose an annual subscription whereas QuickBooks does not offer any comparable deal level.

It makes FreshBooks caters more to independent contractors and freelancers compared to QuickBooks Online that still lacks direct integration with e-commerce sites, no data records, time tracking, project tracking, or recurring transactions. Its invoices are not customizable or detailed and it has no estimates or sales tax.

While many users praise QuickBooks Online, FreshBooks has a higher customer rating overall with an A+ rating on the BBB website. FreshBooks users appreciate the software’s ease of use, strong mobile apps, and superb customer service.

FreshBooks is favored by people that give it a higher rating against QuickBooks.

Where to buy:



Xero is another accounting software that could provide support and reliability for your business growth. It would let you manage your cash flow and connect with your clients automatically.

Its features include CRM, inventory, timesheets, and job management that will help you in your daily task. It has the unique features of bank feeds to import and categorize bank statements, credit cards, and PayPal information automatically. It supports 160 currencies and provides up-to-minute foreign exchange rates.

Xero is mobile friendly and offers an ongoing free version to the clients.

Unlike Xero accounting software, FreshBooks offers several features small business owners love like time-tracking, free phone support, and an affordable starter plan.

In Xero, payroll not available for all states and it has weak mobile apps.

FreshBooks offers these features that Xero does not like free telephone support, built-in time tracking features, and it’s designed exclusively for service-based small businesses.

FreshBooks is great for small businesses, medium, and large enterprises, and freelancers while Xero is good for small businesses and freelancers only.

FreshBooks is used and approved by a large margin of people as compared to Xero.

Where to buy:

Freshbooks vs Wave


Wave Apps accounting and online invoicing software for freelancers, businesses, real estate agents, and other small businesses with a few staff.

The features include customized invoices, credit card payments, accounting, payroll up-to-date all the time. Wave’s stand out feature is it generates invoices automatically and it calculates taxes. The primary drawback is it does not offer an audit trail and makes it difficult to fix things when errors are done.

Both FreshBooks and Wave are designed for freelancers and sole proprietors, though FreshBooks offers a little more features and functions and you could an employee or two.

Wave has no dedicated project or time-tracking features and it has no comprehensive mobile app.

FreshBooks has a free trial available, live support, and multiple plans available that’s not present in Wave.

FreshBooks rating ranges from 94-99% from customers' feedback and has a much lower rating.

Where to buy:

Freshbooks vs FreeAgent


FreeAgent has been voted the UK's #1 accounting software app it’s a mobile accounting app for iOS and Android. It’s used by over 75,000 small businesses in the UK using FreeAgent to manage their finances! IT’s an award-winning cloud accounting software that brings together invoicing, time tracking, expenses, MTD-compliant VAT, Self Assessment, and more!

FreshBooks is the first one that is intuitive and easy for a non-accountant. I'd highly recommend it to all freelancers and small businesses, as well as medium and large enterprises while Freeagent would fit only freelancers and small businesses.

FreshBooks has a 97% customer reviews ratings versus Freeagent’s 95%. The one downside of Freeagent is that it doesn't pull in the USD transactions from Paypal and this has to be done manually. It tries to be everything to small businesses by giving tools that could be perilous to non-accountants.

Where to buy:

FreshBooks vs Bonsai


Bonsai geared more towards freelancers as an all-in-one product suite with smart automation for proposals, contracts, time tracking, and invoices.

Its main goal is to be able to handle the things that freelancers don’t like doing or don’t know how to do, so they can focus on the work they love and still get paid.

That means, they streamline proposals, contracts, time tracking, invoices, expenses, and accounting designed specifically for digital freelancers.

It is a tool or suite of tools to help you run your freelance business more efficiently.

Bonsai started by first offering primarily two tools: Contracts and Payments.

Since then, they’ve added an entire suite of resources and tools for freelancers who want to run their business on auto cruise control.

Where Bonsai falls short, Freshbooks shines because it’s more capable of growing with you as your business gets bigger. They’re putting a lot of time and investment into adding new features and growing with their loyal clients and customers to be.

FreshBooks contain superb features such as it can easily track all of our incomes and expenses. Hence it is the best business software for finance, sales, and marketing while Bonsai expensing capabilities aren't as robust as what you might want in an accounting system.  It’s also more expensive than FreshBooks.

Where to buy:



Expensify categorizes and codes each receipt, and it automatically submits business expenses for approval and reimbursement. It has robust features like corporate card reconciliation, multi-level approval workflows, and direct syncs with all major accounting software. Expensify saves time for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

It functions as an approver of expenses that it makes it easy to reject wrongly submitted lines and tell the staff why. It is more specialized in your expenses as it’s easy to approve and reimburse. They work diligently to keep all major credit cards connected.

FreshBooks could integrate with more apps as to Expensify’s only 73. FreshBooks has 97% recommendation which is higher than Expensify’s 94%.

Fresh Books is a more complete accounting software while Expensify is more on the expenses side of a business.

To add, Expensify no longer supports the integration with Freshbooks and Expensify thus you need to manually export and import all your data.

Where to buy:

FreshBooks vs Microsoft Invoicing

Microsoft Invoicing

Microsoft invoicing is included in an office 365 business premium plan and it’s not available if you don’t use Microsoft office 365.  The Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium Plan offers invoicing software that’s available in your dashboard and mobile app. for small businesses as a part of their business suite.

It’s one of the best invoicing software options because the platform has a clean and straightforward interface that is easy to use for those familiar with Microsoft products.

While Microsoft invoicing might not have as much accounting and reporting functionality as Freshbooks, it is a great add-on if you’re already using Office 365. If you’re looking for an invoicing software that’s simple, easy-to-use, and available right in your Microsoft Business Center.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has decided to retire its invoicing app in Office 365 in 2020.

In early November 2019, Microsoft announced that its Invoicing app, which was part of the Office 365 Business Premium edition, will be retired and would no longer be available on Feb. 8, 2020.

If its users want to save invoicing and customer data from the application before it's lost, they will have to manually download it.

Where to buy:



Netsuite is a financial management system with several functionalities such as accounting, analytics, CRM, inventory management, order management, tax management, fixed assets management, cash management, audit trails, fraud prevention, and more.
NetSuite integrates well with other apps.  FreshBooks has 71 features while Netsuite only has 61 in all.

FreshBooks has customer ratings 97% versus 89% or Netsuite.

FreshBooks is a lot cheaper since Netsuite is very costly with hundreds of dollars per month which might be a big factor for smaller companies not to use it. Also, it’s a little more difficult to learn and to top that, you pay per seat so if you need to have 1 person have multiple seats then it could get a little more expensive.

Where to buy:



PayPal is a Commerce Platform that serves as a comprehensive solution designed to serve your business needs and your customers, whether you’re just getting started or already a thriving enterprise or marketplace.

Whether you're a small business, eCommerce platform, the marketplace, enterprise, or developer, PayPal Commerce Platform offers what you need to run your business and help it grow.

It’s a two-sided network that would let you connect with more than 295 million PayPal customers around the world and across many platforms and marketplaces. With it, you could be able to find new markets, new channels, and new high-value customers. Give your customers the freedom to buy how they want anywhere in the world.

PayPal could be easily integrated with other platforms and a lot of people are already adapted to it. The pricing is very competitive as it is per transaction basis and it easily allows international invoicing and payment. It is also simple for any accountant to understand the layout of it.

FreshBooks and Paypal are tied with both 97% customer approval rating.

Paypal is very popular and useful too but the platform could be used by scammers. People can scam you and after you reported it, you have to wait for the person who scams you to reply.

Then when you cancel through your bank they would charge you a fee. The waiting time on refunds could be frustrating, and some of their policies can be a bit clouded that’s causing some anomalous transaction and fraud issues for payment receivers.

Where to buy:

After Thoughts

You’ve read how FreshBooks fares with other software that’s quite similar to it.

FreshBooks offers features and it offers the best customer support, contractor, and vendor management, easier app connection, and a lot more.

FreshBooks for the record is used by 24 million in 160 countries worldwide. It became the accounting software giant that it is today because it works efficiently, effectively, and
it does a lot for any business consistently!

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