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What is RCN Internet?


RCN is an award-winning high-speed internet provider offering reliable and affordable internet services in seven states and multiple cities across the United States. It has a gigabit internet speed up to 940 Mbps.

The company is currently serving Boston, Chicago, Lehigh Valley, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.

You could surf, game, stream, and connect wirelessly to multiple devices through RCN's powerful cable and fiber-optic network connections.

Their internet speeds are up to 155 Mbps. RCN Internet offers customers equipment, including modems and Wi-Fi gateway and a Wi-Fi router. Security and RCN’s Service Protection Plan.

Enjoy all your online activities on multiple devices, all at the same time.

Great features with RCN Internet

High-Speed - With incredible prices, RCN Internet plans offer consumers the highest speeds with the cheapest plans. The company prides itself on providing a broad range of speeds according to the consumer’s needs and budget.

RCN Webmail - Every customer receives access to a RCN webmail account with loads of features. These features include 5 GB of storage, calendar functions, and web applications.

Home Networking -You would get a maximized internet connection through cable and fiber connections. Have a wireless connection with great speed to keep your online activities superb at all times.

Internet Security - Keep your browsing safe and protected from hackers with RCN internet security plans. There are many options available for you to choose from!

24/7 Customer Support - It offers around the clock customer service support anytime you need it from credible agents that are all knowledgeable about your internet needs and challenges.

RCN cares about its customers and it reflects n the way they treat their customers. RCN is committed both in its time and money into delivering on that service to the people.

RCN also has no contract needed to avail of their services and it offers a 30-Day, money-back guarantee. All RCN technicians are certified by the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers. RCN installers would be prompt in showing up within a two-hour service window or you'll get a $20 credit. They also offer same-day installation after choosing your plan.

RCN's enhanced Whole Home WiFi is powered by eero and it uses multiple access points and TrueMesh technology to make sure you could stream, work, and play in every nook of your home.

RCN was the first internet provider to offer the bundled package that includes your RCN Internet service with RCN TV and home phone service. You could also avail of just the Internet and TV or the Internet and a home phone. You could save a lot from all the offerings from RCN no matter what you end up availing for your home.

RCN internet speed and data


10 Mbps Internet
50 Mbps Internet
100 Mbps Internet
250 Mbps Internet
500 Mbps Internet
940 Mbps Internet

These plans could be connected through a cable or Fiber connectivity with no data cap and no contract needed. You could download up to 110 Mbps and Upload up to 15 Mbps. The price starts at 19.95 up.
Each area might vary in their offerings and prices. Please do check in your area for more details.
Customers are raving the advantages of the RCN internet.


  • Flexible plans
  • High speeds
  • Excellent prices
  • No contracts or data caps

People in other areas that has no RCN are requesting an across the US availability.


  • Limited availability

What to do when your RCN Internet Service is Down?

There are varied reasons why your internet could be down. Before you conclude, try first these trouble-shooting measures.

Check your connections - Make sure your router/modem is plugged in and all cable connections are tight. Sometimes it may loosen if the wires are stretched or hit accidentally.

Try a reboot - Restart your modem as well as your desktop, phone or laptop. There must be some lagging or power-cycling.

Find out if connection is down in your area – Ask your neighbors who have RCN internet connection as well. Your area might be having downtime or repair.

Contact customer support - After doing everything of the above and you still don’t have your internet, you could get in touch with RCN customer service and report your predicament. You could also call or live chat with their tech support 24/7.

After Thoughts

RCN has 5 awards under its name and it’s the best budget internet service provider today.

Aside from being one of the fastest internets, it has the cheapest plans available. They offer a wide range of plans to suit everyone’s needs.

There’s no way but to continue to be on top and to expand more availability across the US soon. You’re very lucky indeed if RCN is in your area!

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