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Which is better RCN or Comcast?


Table of Contents:

RCN offers some of the fastest Internet available and for surprisingly low prices ever. Their TV selection is also affordable and offers a good line-up and variety of channels that would make even the most demanding viewers happy.

RCN is touted by their loyal users as Really Cheap Netflix as it offers unlimited streaming while Comcast Xfinity caps data at 1TB. That would cut the thrilling part, don’t you think so?

Comcast is the owner of Xfinity which is another internet service provider.

Xfinity is a great choice for TV-only customers, mobile viewers, and sports fans. RCN makes more sense for those who want a better DVR experience because it has more storage and features than Xfinity's surprisingly storage-starved X1 DVR. Xfinity’s DVR liked to self-destruct intermittently too and service could be pricey.

Xfinity has its X1 Streaming library and it’s best for sports fans who want to bundle their entertainment with fast, simple cable Internet.

RCN has better customer service and it’s also a lot cheaper for a premium package than Comcast Xfinity.

RCN also takes pride in its speedy Internet, fully-featured DVR, and low prices.  It leads the pack when it comes to Internet speeds, with speeds up to 1000 Mbps. It has fewer options when it comes to TV, but this is more than made up for with its unbelievable lower prices.

Xfinity at its end has Wide Selection of on-demand content, a large number of channels and more Internet hotspots but it’s quite expensive, has slower Internet speeds, and less less impressive DVR.

RCN versus Comcast

Xfinity falls behind in internet speeds and is generally more expensive.

Although both providers want to satisfy all their users, RCN is the winner in this comparison due to their fiber network and low prices. You can get a faster Internet for cheaper with RCN.

Those who love to watch TV or TV only users may get more out of Xfinity, but for bundlers and Internet junkies, RCN wins and the right choice!

After Thoughts

RCN offers bundle packages for the internet plus home phone and cable TV at very low prices.

RCN's TV bundles go above and beyond by offering customers nearly 100 more channels and faster speeds. Although they're only available in 7 states, you’re lucky indeed if you belong to their service areas.

If you're looking for tons of channels, super-fast internet then RCN has the best-bundled plans with no contract needed and it offers free installation or a modem as well in their promos.

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