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Which is better RCN or Spectrum?


Table of Contents:

RCN and Spectrum offer internet service to almost the same areas in the US. RCN is more of a regional internet service provider as it serves the Northeast and Midwest part of the US while Spectrum service all of the US.

On the brighter note for RCN, RCN has the greatest coverage in New York, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. The RCN cable internet can be accessed by an estimated number of 4.1 million Americans. This pushes RCN to the 8th position in terms of cable internet availability. But they could be in the highest position if they are available all across the United States.

RCN also offers fiber and copper internet to other 171 zip codes. This internet is available for businesses in all of those areas.

On the other end, Spectrum offers internet in 46 states and its greatest coverage is in California, New York, and Texas.

The spectrum cable Internet is available to about 102.7 Million people leaving it on the second position of cable providers in the US. Their fiber internet is available to 5,899 zip codes.

In terms of availability and coverage, Spectrum offers Internet services to 46 states as compared to the only seven states that RCN services.

RCN internet has High-speed plans, flexible plans, no data caps, very helpful customer care, and no contracts. The only setback is their limited availability.

While Spectrum’s setbacks are download speeds are lower than the advertised plans and poor customer care.

Overall, RCN is better than Spectrum in terms of their many offerings in their bundle packages, lower prices, better customer reviews and services, and several other key categories like speed and features.

RCN might only be available in a smaller area but RCN has one of the best Internet, TV, and Phone packages, and their internet-only plans are the best for heavy streamers, gamers, and frequent browsers.

After Thoughts

I honestly belong to the people that hope and wish that RCN would be available nationwide in the US.

Everybody deserves to experience what it is to have a very fast internet that comes with a low price that has great bundles to choose from plus an efficient and caring customer service to wish for!

Many can’t wait!

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