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Will RCN Carry ACC Network?


Table of Contents:

Will RCN carry ACC Network

Unfortunately, there is no clear indication yet if RCN will carry ACC for now. So for the football fanatics with RCN as their internet provider would have to wait and maybe request for ACC to be included in RCN’s line-up.

RCN not carrying the ACC Network means that Eagles fans will have to go to a bar to watch their games because they won’t be able to get it at home, and even then they might be out of luck.

There’s a clamor from all BC fans with RCN as their TV provider in Massachusetts. They are asking RCN users to call and demand RCN to carry ACC Network and televise BC games.

ESPN Senior Vice President Rosalyn Durant is requesting for patience for the availability of ACC in most areas.

Right now, the ACC network is available on YouTube TV and it also offers live streaming but YouTube TV costs $64.99 a month.

The ACC Network and the ESPN channels are available from several streaming services including AT&T TV, Vidgo, Sling TV at $35 a month, and Hulu with Live TV  at $55 a month.

Why might be the reason why RCN doesn’t carry ACC?

It could most probably the same reason why Comcast doesn’t carry ACC. According to Comcast, they are demanding a large fee to carry it. This would mean that all customers, even those who do not watch ACC sports, would need to pay more in their plans. And in support of their customers, Comcast will not carry the ACC Network until they reach an agreement at a fair and reasonable cost.

As we all know, RCN is the lowest priced internet provider, and with ACC demanding a large fee to carry it would not be matched with RCN’s being the budget internet.

After Thoughts

There is still no concrete indication to when RCN will carry ACC but who knows, with the continuous requests it could become reality soon.

Let’s hope there’s an ongoing negotiation between RCN and ACC.  Let’s keep our fingers cross!

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