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Problems with Zenmate


Table of Contents:


There are only minor issues and problems with Zenmate that have their appropriate answers and solutions.

Zenmate wouldn't compromise any of their users' awesome experience online which gives them so much freedom to browse safely and securely online.

Let’s see some issues and how Zenmate tackled them.

Zenmates customer support is timely but there are times it gives vague support response.

They offer live chat and 24/7 customer support but with over 47 million users and mostly, there are the same questions asked.

In some instances, yes, their support team has a batch of macros where they can add pre-written answers. If they had to write out the answers for every user, Zenmate would need to expand four times their team size and it would increase the prices.

Is Zenmate logging my original IP address?

Yes, they record your IP Address. However, this is not a risk for our customers. As with any business, they measure the performance of our website, and this includes their dashboard where most of the service control is.

For this, they use standard tools like GA to monitor this. And in no time is your IP Address attached to your user account, and as they do not record any usage information, the best they can say is yes, this email address has an account, yes, this IP Address did visit our site, no, I cannot tell you if that is the same person., and no, I cannot tell you if they ever actually used our service.

They keep your identity safe and shielded at all times.

How about torrenting?

Concerning torrenting, their standard answer is we do not condone copyright infringement. However, they also note that P2P networking is not illegal in most countries. Personally, Linux distribution via P2P is a legitimate use of the technology and they are how they get most of their distributions. As such, P2P systems do work through Zenmate, as long as you use the desktop and not the browser.

After Thoughts

Patience is always a virtue and with the right questions raised, you would get all the credible answers and solutions with Zenmate.

These things can happen all the time when dealing with any software for that matter even if one of the best like Zenmate.

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Copyright © SoftwareManagementTools 2021. All Rights Reserved.
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