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What is Intuit Mint?

Intuit’s Mint is a web-based personal finance app. You can sign up for a free account. It is designed to present your financial data in a kind of interface that's easy to use. Mint is very useful for tracking expenses and for budgeting, and this serves as the app's most prominent feature. Once you are done syncing every transaction into the app, you will find that everything will be auto-categorized into its corresponding predefined categories.

You may also have the freedom to customize your subcategories, but there is no way that you can change the important categories. However, its auto-categorization is not without its imperfections, which means you also need to make the necessary adjustments every now and then. Eventually, once the application becomes more familiar with your transactions, it will be able to place each of them into its accurate corresponding categories.

Mint is also famous for managing and goal tracking features. It is also easy to set up new goals such as saving for your child's education, paying off your loans, or reducing your credit card debt. These goals will then be reflected in the app's monthly budgeting feature.

Mint also has a credit score monitoring option that helps you stay on top of your financial picture. Look for "Show Details", click on it, and voila! You can now view your credit score, along with your credit accounts and payment history.

This program allows users complete access to their financial data via its website or through a mobile device. Mint service can be obtained by downloading its mobile apps, which are available for Google's Android and Apple's iPad and iPhone devices. With Mint, your financial data can be easily accessed even when you are always on the go. Luckily, the app also has a Touch ID sensor for users of iOS devices for enhanced security. This feature enables fingerprint reading to automatically unlock your mobile device and give you quick access to the application.

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