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Which Intuit Product Is Right for Me?


Intuit offers financial products designed for accountants, small businesses and individuals. If you want to know which Intuit product is right for you, then you have to consider first your exact needs before investing in any solution. Second, you have to know the features of each product offered by Intuit so you can identify which ones to try and to purchase later. To help you narrow down your choices, here are some points to consider:

For individuals

Intuit has several products for individuals such as Quickbooks Self-Employed, Mint, TurboTax and Turbo. Quickbooks Self-Employed is helpful for recording your self-employed expenses and income. It also tracks your mileage and helps you prepare your Schedule C. Mint is a web-based personal finance tool that’s free. It comprises several comprehensive tools that allow individuals to become better at monitoring their financial goals. With Mint, they can easily track their budgeting and spending. It also helps you check your credit score. TurboTax helps you with filing your taxes. Whether you’re a self-employed individual or an investor, tax filing will become easy and fast with these programs.

For small businesses

Intuit’s Quickbooks Payroll, Turbo Tax Business, Quicken Home and Business and Mint are examples of products that you can use and integrate with your existing business processes. You have to consider your company’s needs in terms of bookkeeping, invoicing, expenses, inventory, cash flow and mileage tracking. This way, you will be able to figure out which Intuit product is the best for you. The company’s website has tools, guides, and articles that will serve as your resource guide when selecting the best Intuit product.

For Accountants

Intuit has the right solutions for every accountant, no matter how diverse your accounting needs are. Intuit’s Professional tax software will help you improve your productivity, while also strengthening the security of any financial data you are working on as an accountant. Examples of these products include Lacerte Tax, ProSeries Tax, Quickbooks Online Accountant, etc. Tax season will never be the same again if you use these products for your accounting needs.

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