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Can Intuit Mint Be Trusted?


Whether Intuit’s Mint can be trusted or not is something that some users of this software worry about. Mint is designed with the capability to aggregate all the user’s financial statements, payment accounts, bills and bank accounts. With all this sensitive financial information into one app users can’t help but worry about the possibility of this app being hacked by others.

The good news is that Mint has security measures in place that help guarantee information safety, such as the use of a 128-bit SSL encryption. It also makes use of monitoring via third-party sites such as VeriSign and TRUSTe. In addition, the Mint app is also equipped with a 256-bit encryption that provides extra protection on the user’s financial files once it goes through the company’s servers. Moreover, the app is also capable of multi-factor authentication, Touch ID and passwords that help ensure tighter security to the user’s information. Mint has also been reported to hire hackers on a regular basis to conduct security testing in order to assess the app’s strength in terms of protecting user’s financial data.

Although Mint is also able to collect information regarding the user’s transaction history, this does not mean that it can make transactions. Therefore, users should not worry about hackers being able to make financial transactions using their financial data in the app. This is because Mint is formatted to be a read-only software. Thus, even if someone else gets inside other people’s Mint app, he will only be able to view some of the information. This is because the username and the rest of the vital information will not all be displayed.

So, to those who are asking - “Can Intuit Mint be trusted?”. The answer would be a resounding YES, given the fact that the app is designed to have more than one security measure in place.

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