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Where Is Intuit QuickBooks Located?


QuickBooks is an accounting program produced by Intuit Inc. The company’s headquarters can be found in Mountain View, California. There are also QuickBooks office locations in the United Kingdom and Mexico.

QuickBooks is a famous accounting software that many small businesses use to track their expenses, manage their income, and keep tabs on their financial health.  This software offers a lot of features that are beneficial, not just for accountants or in-house and outsourced bookkeepers. It is also helpful for solopreneurs and owners of mid-sized businesses. Some of these features provide the capability to pay bills and invoice customers. It also helps in generating annual or quarterly financial reports and in preparing for the tax season. With QuickBooks, the task of making business projections become easy.

QuickBooks started out as software designed with a DOS version. It was not too long before the software gained the attention of many small business owners, including those that have no accounting background. However, early versions of this software have very limited capabilities. But Intuit continued to make improvements with it. As a result, the software becomes one that has the capability to make a full audit trail. Another significant improvement made to the software also includes features for double-entry accounting. Moreover, people today who own small businesses can enjoy their subscription of QuickBooks with the addition of its cloud-based version.

With Intuit’s commitment to helping small business entrepreneurs, accountants, and private individuals, QuickBooks continues to have improvements over the years. Multiple web-based features have been added to the software. This includes electronic payment functions, remote access, and remote payroll assistance. It also has online banking and mapping features with Google maps.

QuickBooks 2020 has been launched with new and improved features. Today, subscribers of the desktop versions of QuickBooks, which include the Enterprise, Accountant, Pro and Premier can now add their customer’s PO number when writing the email subject. They can now also send invoices by batch to their customers. Its columns also have the collapse and expand capability, in addition to automatic payment reminders. Not to mention the addition of its easy version update.

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