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Grammarly Premium Review, Price, Demo, Tutorial, Worth It


Grammarly is a very helpful tool to use most, especially if you have a website, as shown in the video. Having good content is important to maintaining a site. Even if you don't outsource your content to another writer, you could still produce awesome content with Grammarly. It would help you correct your grammar, sentence fragments, and all other issues in your writing in real-time. It's the interactive writing assistant that corrects you as you write.

This tutorial would show you how fast it is to edit an article and how you could use it. On our website, we outsource most of our content writing; hence we need a very fast tool like Grammarly to be able to have a steady flow of articles to publish on time. It takes ample time to proofread and review each article without a tool like Grammarly.

We have full confidence in our content writer, who has been with us for a long time. We believe and trust in the content they research along with their sources, but we still have to go to the process of checking them. And Grammarly helps us to that seamlessly, easier, and a lot faster.

Grammarly helps us to identify spelling, grammar, and writing issues faster. It works not just for us but for everyone for their personal, business, and website that needs to publish credible content all the time.

Their free version is available for download in a lot of browsers, it supports other formats aside from Word, and you'll get corrections too while you write on Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all your other favorite sites. Grammarly free version only offers basic corrections for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and gives suggestions to improve the tone in your writing. It comes in the premium version that I would discuss the difference in why it's more worth it. 

There are so many benefits of Grammarly Premium and how it's essential and how it would work much better for business owners with a website or content publishing. Its foremost advantage is it would save you a lot of time.

Grammarly is very easy to use, as demonstrated in the video. If you're using Microsoft Word, open it, and on the upper right pane, click open the Grammarly icon. On the right side, it would show issues and corrections from Grammarly.

The premium version has the clarity focus sentence feature. It would suggest for you to rewrite a sentence or a phrase if it's too wordy. Your writing would become precise and easier to comprehend because it would have a clearer tone to it.

Next, you could check plagiarism faster as you don't need a plagiarism tool because Grammarly has it. It would ensure the authenticity and originality of the content from its choice of words to its tone.

Premium had been very helpful to me, even if the business version is also available. Although you could use the business version if you have a team and you could avail of a package that you could have all your team members use Grammarly. There is a feature that here that makes it available for communication between the administration and members. 

I'll go back to the more benefits of Premium. There is also good formatting, which I don't have too many issues with. There is also a very useful Vocabulary wherein they suggest better words to use. Another very useful feature is the life sentence variety that would help change the sound and temperament of the sentence that would be best for the reader's perspective. An example would be; if you have three sentences that are alike, it would suggest a better way for you to convey it to avoid being redundant. 

Readers would be more engaged in content if written in a polite manner minus the strong and offensive words. Your writings would sound more polite, which is more endearing, especially when penning a critical article.

As I  mentioned earlier,  Grammarly is available in all the major browsers. It also supported Microsoft Word, Outlook as well as Google docs. It also supports Windows Mac OS. Once you have the membership, you could download the installer for Word, and it will install it for you, and then your Microsoft Word would automatically have Grammarly.

The Grammarly Premium is per user license, and that right now is $11.66 per month. You'll get a huge discount if you pay for a whole year, which I did. There are also coupon codes you might find online at this moment.

Let me show you an actual rundown on how Grammarly Premium works with two documents I have here. This first document was only done yesterday, and I would show you how Grammarly effectively works. Here is the document in Word, and once you've installed Grammarly, click on the tab on the upper right side. A menu would show once you click open Grammarly, and a right pane would automatically open.

There would be some highlighted issues in green, red, and blue. There would be prompts on clarity engagement delivery, punctuations, and some minor issues. You could click on the plagiarism tab too to check, especially if you're outsourcing your content and for yourself as well. It would ensure that the content is not someone else work. 

So, there is your plagiarism tab again. Also, Grammarly's checking icon is in the lower right pane, and it turns as it checks on the documents. The green highlight is for plagiarism, red for punctuation and grammar, and blue is to rephrase or better way to write it. In this case, you could see a part of it in green, but it's just the name of a product, so here I'm not too concerned with that since that name a pretty common product.

Another one is just a partial sentence that is similar to where it came from, but then the whole sentence is not the same, so that would not be a concern. 

As I continue, there's another general information that I don't need to worry about again. It's a very short article, and it's very common to have a match partially in a sentence. It just shows 5%, so that's no problem here

I usually focus and like to correct the ones highlighted in red. That's my main focus each time I check on an article.  Nevertheless, you could correct it thoroughly as you wish. The ones in red usually need a punctuation mark like a comma when two sentences were joined using "and".

It's very easy to fix all writing issues with Grammarly as you only need to click on the highlighted words or sentences, and as you click on it on the right pane, Grammarly would automatically fix it for you!

You get to check everything with Grammarly Premium in seconds. You could focus on the grammar and sentence structure, which is very important in every content. Grammarly also offers synonyms of the word you used that seem to make your writing even more coherent and better. The good part is you could use those suggested words, or you could dismiss them or even delete them.  Also, you could turn off the suggestions in the setting.

In another article, I encountered a sentence underlined in blue. It points out that it might be unclear and hard to understand, so it would be better if you rephrase it. Grammarly catches all writing issues, including all your punctuation marks like comma or apostrophe. It's like having a writing assistant beside you and checking you within seconds as you go through any document or article. I hardly encountered many spelling mistakes, and it also tells you if you need to use a number rather than the word for it.

I enjoy reviewing tens or hundreds of articles now and thanks to Grammarly. It does the job to be able to publish the articles way faster. 

It's truly worth it with Grammarly.

Here in Echofavor, we believe in Grammarly, and we would be making more videos and tutorials to help you with your writing, building your website, and building your business.

Please subscribe to our Echofavor Youtube channel for more informative videos to come.

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