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Who Is Intuit Inc?


Intuit Inc. is a leading producer of financial software which was founded in 1983 by Scott Cook and Tom Proulx. Scott Cook was only 23 years old when he worked for a consulting firm when one night he was working on paying their bills, together with his wife. It was then that it occurred to them a question - Is there a way to make such a task simpler and faster?

Therefore, the development of financial software was motivated by the need to make the process of paying the bills and handling their household finances a lot easier. With this in mind, Scott went to Stanford University in order to place an ad for a computer programmer who can help him develop such software. It was there that he met Tom Proulx, who then agreed to develop a check-balancing program. In turn, it was in Tom Proulx’s dorm that Intuit’s first financial software called Quicken was developed. 

Although Quicken is unique software, it was just one of the many which tried to break into the personal computer market, which, during that time, was still at a flourishing stage. But what sets Scott Cook apart from any other software producer is his enthusiasm, background and intellect. He graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in economics and mathematics.

In 1991, Intuit was able to broaden its market with the introduction of another financial software called QuickPay, which is beneficial for small businesses. This software was designed to be used along with Quicken. Luckily, QuickPay was able to easily penetrate the market of Quicken consumers. 

Today, Intuit has become one of only eight tech companies that were founded in the 1980s that still remains in business. The company continues to thrive amid so many changes in the tech world - from the use of DOS to Windows. At present, Intuit keeps embracing the rapid evolution of the world wide web and the emergence of mobile channels. The world of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and network ecosystems are no longer a stranger to the many software this company continues to develop and improve.

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