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ClickMeter Tracking Reviews, Features and Alternatives


If you want more power to your links and to be able to maximize and get the most from your links, you don’t need to fret or look far; ClickMeter is here to help you just do that.

It’s great for almost everyone that needs to multitask and at the same time do all the mundane tasks to do from online marketing and overseeing the traffic in your business.

Designed to make everything easier for agencies, affiliates, advertisers, publishers, and developers.

ClickMeter would make you do more in less time in just one click and would let you enjoy more fruits from your labor.

What does ClickMeter do?

ClickMeter allows marketing agencies and professionals to create/manage more effective online campaigns. It allows you to understand which one of your marketing/media channels or ads are most effective and provide the most value. With this information, it's possible to understand where to better invest your time and money.

ClickMeter is your integrated tool to monitor and compare all your traffic sources, and to discover which ones are performing best. In this way, you’ll know your strengths and weak spots and guide you on which areas you need to work on and push more for greater advancement and profit. Simple as that!

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How does ClickMeter work?

ClickMeter provides you with the insights and analytics you need by being able to create tracking links that you could post on the internet. These are actual links connected to your ads such as in forums, social networks, blogs, newsletters, pay-per-click campaigns, or any other sources you'd like to have a detailed measure analysis.

This is done possibly every time someone clicks on a tracking link they'll be redirected to the destination page you defined that’s usually your website. During the redirecting process, which is immediate and not shown to the end-user, ClickMeter collects important data such as which site the user came from, the approximate geographic location of the person, and many more.

With this data, ClickMeter creates detailed, real-time marketing reports.

Optimization is one feature that could convert the action’s rate on your site since you could decide where you would like ClickMeter to redirect your clients. A good example is, you could send people using their smartphone to your mobile website, or Spanish speaking people to your Spanish website if you have one.

With ClickMeter, you could gather and collect all your stats and monitor all your clicks in one place without the need to modify or add any code to your site. Aside from this, ClickMeter lets you have a close monitoring on all conversions and helps you fight against click-fraud activities.

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What are all the features of this software link tracking?

It provides more than 100 great features under the categories of Redirect, Track, Analyze, Collaborate, Integrate, and Develop.

It would give you real-time amazing reports on List of Links, Click Stream, World Map, Comparison Charts, Conversions, and Search results.

Let’s go to specifics.

The goal of ClickMeter is to help marketers to be able to take control of their marketing links and maximize their conversion rates. With a portfolio of tools available through in just a single virtual platform, users could monitor, compare, and optimize all their links in one place.

With the ClickMeter platform you could:

  • View and click tracking
  • Conversions tracking Conversion funnel
  • Configurable cookies
  • Track multiple conversions
  • Track product ID
  • Track custom parameters
  • Track conversion value
  • Track commission amount

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Some of ClickMeter’s features are the following:

  • Campaign Management- involves the development of pricing as well as a sales strategy to maximize profits. This is usually done in surveys that could be conducted to evaluate product and services campaigns' effectiveness. The responses by the public to the campaign's strategy could be tracked to determine if the desired results and goals are met
  • Analytics- would enable you to measure ROI’s from your advertisements as well to track all your existing social media sites and applications.
  • Conversion Tracking-You’ll be able to monitor the actions taken by consumers such as signing up for a newsletter, downloading a content offer, or adding an item to a cart.
  • Link Management- You’ll have an integrated platform to organize, edit, analyze, and have complete control over all the links your company shares. It would protect your brand and optimize your marketing.
  • Dashboard- A single progress report in one ClickMeter dashboard interface that would provide you with an at-a-glance view of key performance indicators relevant to your business or objective.
  • Account Management- They would aid you to improve strategic ways and to find business continuity opportunities.
  • Track Site Performance- It would track your company’s web metrics that would also track over time your competition’s as well.
  • Higher Click-through Rate- It would make you attain a higher ratio of users who would click on your link as well as to the number of total users who view your page, email, or advertisement.
  • Retargeting Links- Instead of having to send customers to your site, they could display retargeting ads to everyone that clicks on your custom short links. They would create a short link out of any content including third-party content. This short link could be shared on all your media channels including social media and email and everyone that clicks on the link will automatically be added to your retargeting audience.
  • Track Link Statistics- You could now track incoming traffic from sent emails. All the new emails you’ll be sending will have tracking tags appended to links for the domains you would track down.
  • Securing Links- they would ensure and mitigate that all your links would be secure and protected against all kinds of cyber attacks and fraud.
  • Training and Support-They would give their full assistance in training and support in their software.
  • Link Analytics- You will get info about the incoming traffic on your links.
  • Ranking Monitoring- You can have them easily and know your search engine rankings, daily ranking updates, and all local search results.

Here’s for a more expounded features of ClickMeter

What is everyone saying about ClickMeter?



Good and favorable reviews speak volumes of echoes that’s a feather in a cap in any Software company like ClickMeter.

Let’s make a rundown of all its positive qualities that makes it what it is today.


  • It’s a great tool to know how the users visit the pages of your website and how they use your site and where do they go after.
  • They give different landing pages to frequent site visitors that give interest to your visitors.
  • They would help you to create a perfect server to server conversion setup.
  • Has a great support team and that matters a lot.
  • Their price is very reasonable.
  • You could track the links, redirect and analyze them, there are too many features that would help you to do whatever you want for your website.
  • ClickMeter allows you to track the performance of your advertising on a per-agent basis and see where you are getting the best bang for your marketing buck.
  • The reports are very detailed and easy to understand.
  • Over time you can see where you need to make changes in your marketing strategies and campaigns.
  • ClickMeter would allow you to give reports to your salespeople to see their progress and where they can do better.
  • You can re-target ads to users and that is just a very clever feature.
  • You’ll be simply amazed at the control you have in creating sales or conversions.
  • You can share, track, and analyze data from your web marketing. It's all in one fantastic program of ClickMeter.
  • It's easy to show customers how the marketing is going.
  • It allows you more time for your customers.
  • Every campaign you have going can be seen in one software.
  • This tool is the less complicated version of Google Analytics! it's so easy to make UTM links to easily pull data for reports.
  • You can add tags so you keep it organized and don't get confused.
  • You can target, monitor, track, and share links. Great if you have a team with you.
  • ClickMeter is a great Digital Marketing tool.
  • You can use a ton of powerful 100 features
  • The software is terrific.
  • Every social media manager or digital marketer should have a link manager tool as ClickMeter as an online marketing arsenal.


  • It can be sometimes too overwhelming using the website interface.
  • You will need to take a little time to get set-up.
  • The price seems reasonable but not to a few.
Where to buy:

What are some alternatives to ClickMeter?

We have chosen four alternatives to ClickMeter to try to give you a little comparison.

Fairly reasonable
It generates real-time data and insights about the performance of marketing campaigns. Web-based link and affiliate tracking tool that helps medium to large businesses create weblink and route visitors to the landing page while monitoring conversion rates & preventing malicious clicks.
It is very useful for those brands, agencies, and marketing professionals who want to make sure that their marketing initiatives, efforts, and techniques are generating enough money for their business or organization, preventing them from investing in ineffective marketing campaigns.
You will need to take a little time to get set-up.
Reasonable with a 14-day free trial
It is meant to help those with a lot of numbers of traffic entering their website.
It would keep all your numbers neatly organized for you to easily monitor.
It’s not for a small website with little traffic.
Little Expensive
Marketing attribution and affiliate tracking solution for businesses of all sizes that enables them to track, manage, optimize, and scale ad campaigns.
It is easy to use and very useful for everybody.
You cant get detailed information. There is no possibility of tracking cross-device, which is a big disadvantage.
Little Expensive
You'll be able to monitor how effective your advertising campaigns are to help you decide where to focus your funds.
You'll be able to compare how effective your various ad campaigns are to help you decide where to focus your efforts.
If you operate a large agency, be prepared to spend a fair amount on the services provided by Improvely.
Fairly reasonable
Good for branding and  fast and efficient link shortening service.
Great way to brand your links, both internal and external.
Rebrandly could improve in making it more obvious upfront that you can change the prefix of your domain.



ClickMagick is an all-in-one link tracking platform that would let its users track and optimize all of their marketing campaigns in just one place. It could track entire sales funnels, perform split testing, target audience based on their location, and provide click fraud protection. It’s a tool you can use to improve your ROI.

It would offer you a variety of click tracking, rotating, and link managing tools to help webmasters, affiliate marketers, and business owners to improve their revenue. A team of three-run is a self-funded company that offers direct support without outsourcing to destinations around the world.

ClickMagick comes in and represents itself as a comprehensive click management tool that focuses on improving efficiency that could turn and materialize to better profits. It has an easy-to-use interface that is bundled with additional features like pop-up ads and countdown timers being available at no extra cost.


  • It supports a wide range of advertising platforms like Google Adwords, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • It can retarget any link, mobile optimization, real-time tracking, and uptime monitoring.
  • Every subscriber is given a full tutorial on how to use all of the features


  • It has no PPC click tracking features
  • The full use of the app needs familiarity with tools like CPanel, Google Analytics, and other ads management tools.
Where to buy:



Voluum is an advanced clicks tracking tool that’s more appropriate towards businesses that already have a large affiliate program. Voluum is a clicks and conversion tracking software developed by CodeWise, a tech marketing company based in Krakow, Poland. The company consists of affiliates, programmers, designers, and analysts all working together to create products that will later be used for online marketing.

If you are looking for a link tracker with a large amount of linking and tracking then Voluum could be the tracking software for you. It has hosts of advanced features and comprehensive tracking solution that you will be able to get the most of your online business with this software. There is a free plan available if you want to test the software on a small scale basis without a time limit.


  • Advanced click tracking with various features catered toward large-size link tracking requirements.
  • It comes with a free plan without any time limit but with limitations in features.
  • Voluum would give you the chance to direct traffic from multiple GEO to a set link.


  • Only available as a monthly service, with an expensive pricing plan geared toward professionals to superusers such as larger companies or agencies.
  • A bit of a learning curve is required and not ideal for novice marketers.
  • You can´t get detailed information about campaigns so there’s no way for you to know if the tracking is correctly implemented or done.
Where to buy:



Improvely is a conversion tracking and clicks fraud monitoring platform that is used by thousands of marketing professionals to track results and detect fraud.  It detects the source of the sign-up and monitors every click for any anomalous or suspicious activity. It automatically could create a unique website for every visitor on your website so you can get to know them better.

It is now one of the most popular click tracking systems available. Its multi-faceted service function combines click tracking and conversion tracking, click fraud detection, landing page split testing, and affiliate marketing tools in one platform that is very user friendly.

Improvely offer a variety of features and their services are compatible everywhere you advertise online; from Google AdWords and Microsoft AdCenter to bing ads and Twitter Ads, and Facebook. It would give you an edge if you are using social media, digital banners, or SEO advertising for increasing sales. You can expect accurate ROI measurement and a perfect insight as to how effective is your every digital campaign.


  • It offers hosted service, successful combat with click fraud, real-time updates, insights to marketing campaigns, support for different online ads, and third-party integrations.
  • You can use the click fraud monitoring services to make sure your competitors or scammers are clicking on your ads and wasting your advertising budget.
  • You can try out Improvely for free with the 14-day free trial.


  • A little expensive for big agencies and businesses.
  • Keyword tracking is not available.
Where to buy:



Rebrandly cloud-hosted URL shortening software that also extends its support in branding and rebranding if needed for the links for better results. This software helps a lot in managing all your links easily and systematically and also allows sharing them using a custom domain name.

It offers an advanced click tracking based on country, timestamp, visitor category, language, browser type, and private custom parameters. Rebrandly supports blacklist protection, bulk link generation, and import, 1000 latest gTLDs, and multiple domain names.

It’s a software that would guarantee flexibility, scalability, and reliability. It comes with a smart dashboard to help links be manageable across a company. Rebrandly is fantastic for link shortening. You can have multiple domain names, and have link retargeting which makes it great for campaigns.


  • Very easy to use.
  • The sign-up process is convenient.
  • Creating custom links
  • Great for editing custom URL’s
  • Fantastic for posting affiliate links online.
  • It provides high-quality statistics.
  • The pricing is fair and legitimately volume-based.


  • Transferring out a domain should you need to requires you to contact support.
  • It cannot be integrated with a pre-existing domain
Where to buy:

After Thoughts

It’s a must tool to have a dependable and reliable software like Clickmeter for you to get in-depth analytics on your marketing campaigns.

It would allow you to accurately calculate your conversion rates and CPC.  With this information, you would be able to optimize your links to ensure maximum return on investment.

The payoff would be greater if you give more attention to your marketing efforts and the evident results you are getting. It would give you a better insight into where you’re heading in terms of the growth of your company and how effectively you can meet and achieve your goals.

Be a hit when users click more on your site!

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