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FreshBooks - How to Cancel an Invoice?


FreshBooks is great at managing and tracking invoices, time, and expenses for small businesses and freelancers alike. FreshBooks is the fastest way to invoice your clients, organize expenses, and track time on the go.

Be one of the over 24 million small business owners already using FreshBooks to make your billing painless.

In every business, an invoice is a key to get paid and one of the most important documents in your business. With FreshBooks, you don’t need to spend a lot of time doing manual accounting and invoicing. You get to enjoy and live your life more despite having a business.

How do I cancel an invoice in FreshBooks?

  • Go to the section of Invoices. At the list, click on what you need to cancel or delete.
  • Check off the box that’s next to the Invoice you would want to cancel.
  • Then select and click on delete.

If the Invoice was sent by email, you can let your Client know that the link to the Invoice will no longer work.

Why is FreshBooks the right invoicing software for you?

  • FreshBooks will help you because of all these wonderful things and features it has.
  • It’s the right solution that will automatically generate invoice numbers in sequential order and even calculate your invoice value for you.
  • It provides professional-looking invoices that you can create in minutes.
  • It would let you manage late payment easily by letting you set and send customized late payment reminders at various intervals. This feature would inhibit you from the need to give your client a ring.
  • You’ll get paid faster by allowing you to accept credit card payments and request an upfront deposit.
  • You would save time by letting you duplicate existing invoices. This feature is ideal if you need to send an invoice that’s similar to the ones you’ve sent before.
  • You could Invoice in your client’s currency thanks to the multi-currency billing feature.
  • FreshBooks would allow you to add tracked time and expenses to an invoice.
  • Be able to send recurring invoices on a schedule to subscription-based clients, so you don’t waste time creating a new invoice every single month.

After Thoughts

FreshBooks is the best solution that offers all of the above features and more! The all-in-one small business accounting and the invoicing solution would help you create an error-free invoice in no time.

By using FreshBooks, invoicing will become so easy, systematic and synchronized. You’ll improve your entire invoicing process and have more time for the things you love as FreshBooks would want you!

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