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Are Intuit Payments Secure?


Yes, millions of customers know that Intuit payments are made secure. At a glance, making Intuit payments can be done in such a breeze. But what many of those Intuit consumers do not realize is that behind the scenes of this entire payment process involves very intricate and complicated security features that work together to ensure everything works smoothly.

When processing credit card information, customer data undergoes the process of tokenization prior to sending it through the server. This step meets the lower level compliance of PCI SAQ A-EP. Although the customer doesn't notice this difference when going through the checkout process, Intuit payments go through these security steps to ensure the safety of customer information.

QuickBooks also come with varied and multiple security features. Its production equipment is being housed on servers that are also equipped with tight security applications. These include firewalls and password-protected login. QuickBooks is also designed with encryption technology that helps guarantee the security and safety of customer data.

Intuit payments are made secure with the use of SSL and RSA that enables message encryption. This way, data security is maximized especially during online communication. These security features also guarantee that the message or data sent can only be read and accessed by the intended recipient. Besides, Intuit payments are also guarded with a password feature so that only those that have the correct password can access or process any financial transaction. The use of RSA and SSL also ensures that every bit of data involved in the message conveyed or customer information will not be altered even after it leaves the sender.

Moreover, QuickBooks infrastructure is known to be PCI-compliant. When it is deemed PCI-compliant, it would mean that all credit card information is handled in a secure manner. This is important in order to lessen the likelihood of cardholder information being stolen. Failing to handle customer credit card information in accordance with PCI standards would run the risk of it being hacked and used in fraudulent transactions.

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