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Are Intuit Accounts Safe?


The security of every customer’s sensitive financial information will always be Intuit’s top priority. The company employs advanced security tools and many other proven security measures that make the company among the trusted ones in the field of financial software.

Every user’s data is made private and well-protected as it is SSL certified. This would mean that the information entered into any Intuit product makes use of the 128-bit secure sockets layer. Plus, it also has a password-protected login feature. Its servers are also firewall-protected, thereby making their products capable of keeping every user’s data private and protected.

Any financial data entered into Intuit accounts are also made safe even if the user forgets to make a backup. This is made possible because Intuit products will automatically make a backup of the user’s data. Intuit has automatic offsite storage that helps users manage the process of creating a data backup. So, even if your system breaks down, your data remains protected and accessible for as long as you can connect to the internet.

In addition to their Touch ID account authentication, multi-factor authentication, and customer notifications, Intuit also has added security measures such as the use of a Trusted Phone Number. This can be used by Intuit product users to receive verification codes either through a text message or call. Users of Intuit’s TurboTax product will also have more peace of mind with the addition of anti-phishing features. This feature helps users identify whether the email they received is indeed from Intuit or any suspicious sender.

The company also adheres to a very strict standard of practices and security guidelines to keep customer’s data safe and secure. In fact, the company is a TRUSTe Privacy Program licensee. TRUSTe is an organization committed to building global online trust through its innovative trust solutions.

In short, Intuit accounts are safe to use. Besides, the company also updates the security measures of their products on a regular basis to give their customers the assurance of data security and safety.

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