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Companies like RCN



RCN is your cable-enabled or fiber-rich network connection that has TiVo and Netflix partnerships too.

RCN is a broadband service owned by TPG Capital that’s among best Cable internet providers as RCN takes on the top spot. It also is No. 1 as the cheapest internet services, based on its starting price of $19.99. RCN also offers fiber optic internet in some areas and is in the top three best fiber internet provider.

It provides a super-fast connection that delivers quality, smooth HD viewing experience. You could go check it out at Google video quality report. You would get consistent HD-quality viewing without buffering or interruptions that make outstanding streaming a great experience!

You could do all your online tasks efficiently and very fast. If you love binge-watching then have Fast Netflix Streaming because RCN is directly connected to Netflix.

RCN provides an optimized Netflix stream to all your devices and that’s all the time and including those peak viewing times, experience better picture quality, faster access, and more reliable playback.

Let’s try to have a comparison with other companies like RCN. Let’s find out what which is which when it comes to your internet provider.

RCN vs Comcast

RCN’s internet service both has cable and fiber-optic technologies and it offers six plans that differ by location with download speeds ranging from 10 Mbps to up to 940 Mbps.

They service six major locations such as Chicago, Boston, Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. A contract is not required, and U.S.-based customer support is available 24/7. Free installation may be offered in most of their promos.

On the other hand, Comcast is the company that owns Xfinity.

Xfinity is the TV and internet service provider for consumers owned by Comcast.

It also offers six cable internet plans are available from Xfinity, which is owned by Comcast. They offer discounts for self-installation, autopay, paperless billing, and one-year service agreements. Plans are limited to 1 TB of data and come with free security software and access to a nationwide network with Wi-Fi hotspots. They service 39 states and in Washington, D.C, Xfinity placed No. 4.

RCN or Comcast.

RCN or Comcast Chicago

RCN is an award-winning high-speed internet provider offering reliable and affordable internet services that are available in Chicago, with gigabit internet speeds up to 940* Mbps.

Xfinity Internet service from Comcast is likewise available in Chicago that would provide you reliably fast download speeds when you need them most and all the web has to offer with Xfinity like downloading HD movies, uploading photos, streaming TV shows or simply surfing for fun.

It’s RCN vs Xfinity in the Chicago area also. But RCN offers much lower prices in all their plans as compared to Xfinity.

Would it be RCN or Xfinity? Xfinity has feedback for its okay internet speeds, great bundles, and excellent coverage but fails in these aspects such as having inconsistent customer service, being expensive, slower Internet speeds as advertised, and less impressive DVR.

Xfinity falls behind in Internet speeds and it is generally more expensive.

RCN lord it over when it comes to Internet speeds that are up to 1000 Mbps. It has fewer options when it comes to TV, but this is more than made up for with its reasonable prices.

RCN is better for its low prices and fast unlimited internet speeds.

RCN vs Spectrum

Spectrum is a nationwide provider, while RCN is a regional provider. But RCN beats Spectrum in many areas.  They have different coverage and availability. Spectrum is available in a larger area than RCN, but RCN is the winner for the many choices of their bundle packages, prices, customer reviews, and several other key categories.

Spectrum Internet is offered by Charter Communications. They offer a standard no-contract plan that has download speeds of 100 Mbps and upload speeds of 10 Mbps. The cost is $49.99 per month for one year for new subscribers, and standard rates apply after the year is up.

Their service is available in 42 states. Spectrum is No. 8 in the best internet service rating. Spectrum had been reviewed for having a good price for most of its speeds, needs no contracts, has no data caps but its download speeds are slower than advertised and it has poor customer service.

RCN or Spectrum NYC

New York City has some internet service providers or ISP’s for short. The connection you could get would still depend on your location. Choosing between fiber, cable, DSL, or even satellite could become a hard task.

RCN's services in New York cover 1,149,796 users with the maximum speed of 1,000 Mbps specifically in parts of Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn.

RCN offers exceptional customer support that’s rare for ISPs and it has contract-free services that are many. Internet speeds range from 10 Mbps for $29.99/month to 1000 Mbps for $49.99/month.

Spectrum is known as Time Warner Cable before. It had a bad reputation for poor and was renamed in 2017. The name change was effective at first but has since gone down., Spectrum would push you to get their bundled plans. Their website doesn't give the internet-only plan price that costs $44.99/month. Although it's available in many areas throughout NYC and it doesn’t require a contract, the one internet-only plan priced at $44.99/month is for 60 Mbps only.

RCN vs Verizon

RCN is better with its low prices and flexibility. It offers gigabit speeds of 1,000 Mbps over cable internet at a lower price than Verizon. And you also don’t have to get the more fancy speeds with RCN to get quality service. There are a bunch of other plans in a variety of speed ranges to choose from as well, with prices starting for only $19.99 per month.

While Verizon Home Internet is all about maximum speeds and top-notch tech. It runs on a fiber network that has a plan that delivers up to 950 Mbps download speeds and options for symmetrical download and upload speeds which is kind of fast but hopefully they could maintain and keep up.

Here is some feedback for Verizon. It’s reliable for its fiber connections but it might be more expensive.

Verizon is available as Verizon Fios in New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Delaware, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, and Washington, DC.

So how’s RCN vs Fios in that area?

RCN’s has also coverage to the big cities across the East Coast that reaches the Midwest as well. It’s available in Boston, Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC. RCN also has a network in the Lehigh Valley metro area, covering the Pennsylvania cities of Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton.

RCN has lower prices than Verizon Fios, a wider range of speeds to choose from, and can still deliver impressive bandwidth capacity without causing you a lot of money. There are no data caps and no contracts to sign that’s needed. And you can use a coupon code when signing up to get free installation costs that’s great news.

Verizon Fios could provide high-performance internet for gaming or work or if you just want to stream and download without glitches. But you could stick with RCN and its affordable prices and multiple speed options if you want to save but still get fast internet.

So would it be RCN or Fios? To help you, Fios is fast, ok customer service, symmetrical download, and upload that comes with high prices and slow and costly DSL plans.

Between RCN and Fios, price-point wise, it’s RCN.

After Thoughts

If RCN would be available in all the states in the US, it would for sure be number one.

It is a total package of what the best internet provider should have and that is speed, low prices, great features and superb customer service. Despite its limited availability, it has a very high ranking as compared to other internet providers.

A lot are hoping that it would be 100% available in the US sooner than expected!

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