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Where is FreshBooks Located?


FreshBooks is the number one small business accounting software in America, with paying customers in 160 countries. The company has helped more than 24 million people process billions of dollars through its easy-to-use invoicing, time-tracking, expense management, and online payment features.

It has 10 Stevie awards for the best customer service in the world under its name. The mantra adheres to up to this day is to execute extraordinary experiences every day.

FreshBooks is based in Toronto, Canada. It’s where it was born, conceptualized, and started. It’s its original location up to today.

Let’s backtrack where it all begun for FreshBooks.


FreshBooks humble beginnings started in the basement in Toronto. Since then it has moved three times up to where it is presently located. With more than 300 employees today and more than 24 million people have used FreshBooks to send, receive, print, and pay invoices.

FreshBooks is being used by customers in over 160 countries. If you look at just North America, no one except QuickBooks Online has more paying subscribers than FreshBooks thus making FreshBooks as the #1 cloud accounting solution designed exclusively for small business owners.

FreshBooks is a growing global tech company, with offices in Toronto, Amsterdam, and Raleigh.

Here are the locations that FreshBooks used over the years.

The first office was in the basement of Mike McDerment’s parent's house who is the co-founder and CEO of FreshBooks.

The 4Es mantra was born in the Bellini office. It only had one meeting room and it was nicknamed "The Room of Secrets".

FreshBooks made it to the cover of Entrepreneur Magazine, they ordered 2 pallets worth and gave them out to customers in celebration. It’s in their Fashion District North office that they celebrated this milestone!

They made their first mobile app. They made the list for the Top Employers in Canada 2013 when they were in their Golden office.

They moved to the Junction that made the way for the opening of 4 coffee shops and 3 sandwich shops that’s a joy to them since they love food.


Late 2019, FreshBooks announced they are opening their first international office in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It’s time to spread their wings in the European market. This is their first step towards their global expansion.

Since the beginning of FreshBooks in 2004, they’ve been based in Toronto, Canada. It’s been more than ten years that they’ve been giving services to clients around the world but the right time has come indeed to set foot outside North America.

They are now looking forward to making Amsterdam as their next step towards their mission of reshaping the world to suit the needs of the self-employed professionals.

Why Amsterdam for their first global office? FreshBooks had been impressed with the consistency of the tech talents Amsterdam has that aligns with their core values as a company.

With bringing their positive company culture to their Amsterdam office, It would be a good-eye-opener to their employees to see all the great possibilities and the real impact they could create in further building FreshBooks and helping self-employed professionals grow their businesses.

Aside from that, the Netherlands is the ideal place to start on the European market. They could connect you to any place in Europe via their well-known infrastructure and via their world-class broadband network since they are all tech-savvy down there. All these combination plus a great place to live.


Later in 2019 FreshBooks again announced its expansion with the opening of their first office in the United States in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The new Raleigh office will be FreshBooks’ second international office, as the company announced the opening of its first international office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on Oct. 29.

FreshBooks’ new Raleigh office will be located within HQ Raleigh, an entrepreneurial co-working community with over 800 members from 300 different companies.

FreshBooks’ new office would help the company further grow its sales, account management, and business development team, allowing the company to build new partnerships and relationships while reaching more small business customers across the United States.

The company excels itself by building incredibly easy-to-use accounting software and delivering best-in-class customer service.

Same with their Amsterdam office, their Raleigh is another monumental step towards building their global reach and presence as a company. This move of the company would further advance its goal of reaching more small businesses across the U.S. and the rest of the world.

Why Raleigh for their US office? It came out as the perfect choice due to the region’s solid talent and seasoned IT and tech community. The best place to grow roots to be able to help more of America’s small business owners grow and be big!

This would materialize its mission to foster inclusive communities of entrepreneurs who create lasting economic and social impact among innovative entrepreneurs.

With FreshBooks' presence in Raleigh, it initiated the revitalization in the area that has turned the place into one of the city’s most exciting neighborhoods.

What Does the 4E Philosophy Mean?

The first is to execute. It can be evident in their first philosophy which is: As smart and creative as we are, great ideas are worthless without execution.

The second is to be extraordinary. The second philosophy is: By exceeding expectations, our products and services become extraordinary in the eyes of those we serve.

The third E stands for experiences. The third philosophy being: We are in the experience business – we design and deliver moments for others, and it’s a privilege to do so.

And the fourth stand for every day. The last philosophy says: We are only as good as the last experience we deliver – we must be vigilant during every experience, every moment, every day.

After Thoughts

FreshBooks now enjoys the global success that begun in Toronto, Canada. They come armed with a global mission in Reshaping the World to Suit the Needs of Self-Employed Professionals and Their Teams.

It’s their passion to help all small businesses around the world to be able to run them easier, securely, faster, and efficiently.

And most importantly, they are dead serious in maintaining a unique culture amidst rapid growth to make everyone attain their dreams regardless of where they are in this world.

FreshBooks is a great example of what they preach and believe in.

Great ideas are worthless without execution.

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