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What is Intuit Quickbooks?


Intuit is the name of the company which developed and marketed Quickbooks. Intuit’s Quickbooks is an accounting software created to help businesses manage their expenses and income. Paying bills, generating reports, invoicing customers, and preparing for tax-related stuff is made easier with the help of this software. This software is designed to make it easy for entrepreneurs to stay on top of their financial health. The product line of Intuit Quickbooks offers several types of solutions that have been proven beneficial for entrepreneurs with small to midsize businesses.

Intuit Quickbooks also has a feature that is helpful for managing sales and income. In addition to creating invoices, this software also helps in monitoring customers’ accounts receivable balance. This task is made much easier because it also helps you review your Accounts Receivable Aging Report.

Quickbooks will allow you to manage the inflow and outflow of all cash activities in your business. The prebuilt reports of this software can be updated in real-time with just a few clicks. This accounting software can be very useful, especially if you are looking to provide a financial report to a lender or a potential investor.

Quickbooks also helps business owners manage their taxes and make the tax-filing season less daunting. The person that business owners chose to have access to Quickbooks will be able to pull up all the information necessary to file taxes. This spares the person-in-charge from the hassle of having to organize bank statements and receipts. Since everything can be recorded using Quickbooks, the chances are high that income and expenses will all be accounted for with much accuracy. Besides, Quickbooks Online also allows taking a picture of the receipt and uploading a copy of it to the software. In turn, there is no need for one to manually match the receipts for all bank transactions. There is no limit to how many receipts you upload to Quickbooks.

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