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RCN - How to cancel Service?


Table of Contents:

RCN is a major and award-winning internet provider to the greater East Coast area and its neighboring cities. It provides internet, home phone, and cable TV services for people living in New York, Boston, Chicago, Washington DC, Lehigh Valley, and the Philadelphia area.

Like any other internet provider, RCN sometimes experiences cancellation of service for varied reasons.

The good thing about RCN is you are not tied with any yearly contract with them. it’s more of a month to month use on your part. Other internet providers with contacts have a stipulation that if you cancel before your contract expires you lose you automatically lose whatever deposit you might be given them. It could be an advance or deposit for the modem, router, or service.

With RCN, these are the steps you need to do to be able to cancel their service:

  • Call or chat with customer service and since there are no contracts you don’t have to worry about early termination fees.
  • Plan to return any equipment from them and you could call to schedule a drop-off at a local RCN office or you can request a prepaid shipment to their office.

Here are the actual steps to call RCN internet service.

  • The department you have to call is the Retention Department. When calling this department, they would first ask you for the 10-digit phone number associated with your account. This is the number where you could call: (800) 746-4726.
  • Once you enter your 10-digit phone number, you will have to listen to a robot menu.
  • Choose the option for canceling or downgrading your service. This should connect you to the retention department. These are the representatives that can permanently cancel your service. Be sure it’s the retention department.\
  • Have a good excuse as to why you’re canceling your internet service with them.
  • Thet might sway you to downgrade your plan or if you say you’re moving, they could ask you where that they might have service there.
  • Next step is to confirm your cancellation. The entire cancellation process could take you up to 30 minutes. Make sure that your service would be canceled and ask for the date and time. Don’t forget to ask for the full name of the representative that helped you.
  • No need to avoid extra fees when canceling RCN.
  • Great news for RCN users since there are no early-termination fees when you cancel with them.
  • Just be sure that your service would be canceled and avoid receiving another bill. Remember, if you don’t pay that bill, you will be charged with late fees on top of your plan.
  • The last step is to return the RCN equipment at once since unreturned or lost equipment might incur fees. It’s in the RCN’s policy that you must return the equipment ASAP when canceling. This means upon canceling, it would be best to return the equipment that same day.
  • In RCN’s terms of service, they state:  “The customer must return all equipment immediately upon termination of service. The failure to do so will result in a charge to be determined regarding RCN’s then-current schedule of charges, which amount shall be due immediately.”

After Thoughts

It’s very easy to talk with RCN. Canceling your internet service with them is quite easy.

Just follow the simple steps that we have mentioned above and their retention department people would help you.

They wouldn’t make it hard for you. If you wish a lower price, it could save your cancellation because RCN is open for compromise and negotiation.

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